• Product

  • Service & Solutions

    • Smart-Data/Big-Data Integration, Harmonization, Visualizations, and Dashboards

    • Predictive Analytics Solutions

    • Smart-Data Solution Delivery

    • Organizational Intelligence




  • Location Intelligence, Mobile Attribution, and Custom-Targeted Audiences

    • Use location intelligence and mobile attribution to create and model customer-centric patterns of life.

    • Increase ROI and follow-through profit using signal mapping and custom audiences to accurately target the right customers.

    • Enhance customer experience and loyalty by partnering with the right counterpart companies.

    • Augment long-term organizational value by increasing resource utilization, improving communication, and lowering operating costs.


Additional Customers


  • Investors

  • Capital Markets & Financial Services

  • Retailers

  • Marketers (online & offline)

  • Researchers (academic / corporate)

  • City Planners

  • Policy Makers

  • Political Campaigns

  • Associations & Non-Profits


Smart-Data at Scale - Built With Privacy In Mind


  • No PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

  • No Mobile Network Carrier Data

  • 100% Opt-In Data

  • No Universal Tracking

  • No Real-Time Data

  • GDPR Compliant